Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne, also called as pustules or festers are the most common skin care problem faced by people. It's a habitual seditious complaint of the skin which occurs when the pores of skin get congested due to redundant sebum product leading the white heads or black heads. These white heads or black heads if infected can beget papules or acne with pus.

Causes of Acne

  • Our skin consists of multiple hair follicles which are attached to sebaceous glands. These are oil painting or sebum producing glands which are present each over the body. The viscosity of these is maximum on face, casket, back and shoulders which are known as seborrhic rich areas. These places thus are more prone to acne. redundant of sebum along with dirt causes bacterial growth performing in pimples.

  • When we hit puberty, further androgen( coitus hormone) is released and sebaceous gland is sensitive to androgen so more oil painting is released performing in pimples.

  • Your genes too occasionally are pivotal for this issue, if your parents had it, you'll have it too. Many people are antipathetic to some medicines and steroids and their unknowing input can be the cause of it. Stress laden life and no time for tone- care boosts cortisol which can also promote acne.

  • Apart from the causes mentioned, Polycystic ovarian pattern( PCOS), gestation, dirty facemasks, tight headbands, poor face hygiene can also add to it.

Types of Acne

  • Blackheads :

    also called as unrestricted comedones. They appear on the skin as small or medium bumps, generally whitish or skin- tone in color.

  • Papules:

    also called as open comedones. Like blackheads, papules are caused by clogged pores. Unlike blackheads, those clogs of oil painting and skin cells are open to the air. The clogs change color when they come into contact with oxygen, which gives them their dark appearance.

  • Pustules :

    paplues when fill with pus form papules. The red bumps develop a blown white or unheroic cap, giving papules that classic papule look.

  • Nodes:

    nodes are a more severe form of acne that can be hard to address. They appear analogous to pustules but start deeper within the layers of your skin, where they're challenging to treat and nearly insolvable to pop. They feel firm and are painful to the touch.

  • Excrescencies :

    these are also severe form of acne which are filled with pus and debris but are soft to touch. Cystic acne generally needs an antibiotic course to heal.

Treatment of Acne

  • Avoiding driving factors videlicet :

    1. Wearing tight- befitting apparel and hat, like headdresses and sports helmets.

    2. High moisture.

    3. Using unctuous or slithery particular care products, like heavy poultices and creams.

    4. Stress, which increases the hormone cortisol.

    5. specifics known to beget acne like steroids.

    6. Picking at your acne.

    7. Not using applicable skin care products and not washing face.

  • life revision Since it's established that the cause of acne is substantially is substantially hormonal so it's extremely important to maintain a healthy life. Hormonal stability can be achieved by regular exercise, healthy balanced diet, applicable water input, acceptable sleep and contemplation or yoga to manage stress situations.

  • Medical treatment After consulting with a dermatologist bone can start specifics which include anti seditious, antibiotics and other anti acne medicines. Both topical and oral specifics might be demanded in advance cases.

  • curatives One might conclude for treatments like comedone birth, chemical shelling, violent palpitation light( IPL) AND Spotlights for better treatment of acne. It should be kept in mind than any treatments is done by an expert dermatologist only.

Home Care for Acne

Many simple home care tips which can be tried :

  • Washing your skin at least formerly daily with warm( not hot) water and a gentle cleaner.
  • Washing your skin after you exercise or sweat.
  • Avoid using skin care products with alcohol, astringents, colors and exfoliants, which can irritate your skin
  • Removing your makeup at the end of the day or before you go to bed.
  • Choosing an oil painting-free moisturizer to apply on your skin after sanctification.
  • Avoid popping, picking or squeezing your acne. Let your skin heal naturally to help scars from forming onyour skin.